Artsakh Conducts Defensive Battles On Multiple Fronts As Azeris Suffer Losses & Retreat To Original Posts In The South.

During November 2 and the early hours of November 3, the Defense Army conducted defensive battles on the eastern, southeastern and southern fronts. Through accurate fire, our units have struck the adversary’s vehicles and troops, including one tank.

On the eastern front, the Defense Army has pulled back from a small section for tactical reasons, in order to take more suitable positions for future battles.

In the morning, the Defense Army conducted precision strikes on the adversary’s vehicles and troops as they attempted to advance on the southern front.

The Azerbaijani side suffered damages and was forced to retreat to its original position.

The army units also silenced pre-offensive maneuvers by the adversary on the northern front.

The Azerbaijani side continues to make attempts to gain a tactical advantage. The Defense Army is in control of the tactical situation.

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