47 Armenians Killed In Battles Today Defending Artsakh, Total 1,163.

Today, 47 Armenian servicemen were killed defending Armenia & Artsakh, totaling 1,163, per the Armenian Unified Infocenter, Armenian Ministry of Defense.

In Memoriam:

Sargsyan Artak Arseni, born in 2001

Papyan Garik Armeni, born in 1987 (Reserve)

Hakobyan Harutyun Hakobi, born in 1998 (Reserve)

Yazichyan Zhudeks Yervandi, born in 1991 (Reserve)

Sargsyan Sargis Raffiyi, born in 1987

Petrosyan Vardan Hamleti, born in 1980

Babajanyan Ara Hovhannesi, born in 1988

Martikyan Garik Vardaniki, born in 1993

Avanesyan Alex Samsoni, born in 2001

Mkrtchyan Aram Mheri, born in 2002

Muradyan Mikael Daviti, born in 2001

Arustamyan Mikael Manveli, born in 2001

Makaryan Karen Spartaki, born in 1986

Sahakyan Garik Leviki, born in 1983

Stepanyan Hayk Lermonti, born in 1979

Beknazaryan Arman Sergeyi, born in 1982

Davtyan Vardan Vahani, born in 1985

Avagyan Andrey Yuriki, born in 1990

Hakobyan Seyran Martiki, born in 1987

Khoseovski Emil Gagiki, born in 1989

Patyan Karen Eduardi, born in 1989

Lalayan Eric Edwardi, born in 1982

Amirjanyan Hayk Vladimiri, born in 1990

Avagyan Sasun Borisi, born in 1990

Martirosyan Armen Borisi, born in 1977

Dallakyan Karen Yuriki, born in 1984

Kostanyan David Armeni, born in 1998

Sahakyan Samvel Rubeni, born in 2001

Asatryan Mkhitar Shaheni, born in 2000

Grigoryan Arman Yuriki, born in 2001

Knyazyan Yurik Eduardi, born in 2001

Mamikonyam Edgar Artemi, born in 2001

Sayadyan Hrant Kareni, born in 2000

Galstyan Hovhannes Mikaeili, born in 2000

Burnazyan Karapet Mkrtichi, born in 2002

Hovhannisyan Sergey Yuriyi, born in 2001

Arzumanyan Sasun Tatuli, born in 2001

Mikaelyan Jivan Anushavani, born in 2002

Ter-Poghosyan Arsen Armenaki, born in 2000

Uzunyan Gegham Nshani, born in 1994

Potoyan Mher Vachagani, born in 1998

Beglaryan Karen Mheri, born in 1997

Ghrumyan Hayk Manveli, born in 1992

Mkrtchyan Norik Alexanderi, born in 1987

Tavadyan Harutyun Sergeyi, born in 1992

Mnatsakanyan Garik Artashi, born in 1968

Harutyunyan Vanush Vahrami, born in 2002

Our condolences to the relatives of these Armenian heroes protecting Armenia and Artsakh from Azeri aggression.

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