PM Nikol Pashinyan Addresses The Armenian Nation.

It has already been a month since the Turkish-Azerbaijani-terrorist forces launched a war against Artsakh & the Armenian people. Thousands of rockets, missiles and drones have been fired on the Artsakh Defense Army and civilian settlements.

The adversary has attacked using tanks, military jets and helicopters, Azerbaijanis, terrorists, mercenaries, Turkish and Pakistani special forces. A month ago, their objective was to quickly conquer Artsakh, to destroy Artsakh, and bring Artsakh to its knees.

However, today, although wounded, Artsakh is standing and this is thanks to our heroic army, our heroic people, the heroic battles. This cruel but heroic process gives us confidence. Artsakh will stand because our spirit is unbreakable, our will is unshakable.

The military-political leadership of Azerbaijan has fed its own people with so much news about their victories, that they have been waiting, for a long time now, every day every minute, every second, for the news of the fall of Artsakh, for their final and irreversible victory.

But the Azerbaijani people will never hear that news and it is the endless anticipation of that news that will shatter Azerbaijan’s plans to conquer Artsakh.

The people of Artsakh, the Armenian people, all of the nation will fight unreservedly for every tree, every rock, for every centimeter & every millimeter. The effect of the precision blow that will be delivered at the right time will be the devastating collapse of the adversary.

I’m aware that my address yesterday gave way to many contradictory evaluations.

My address had two goals. To show the int’l community the constructive approach of the Armenian side & the resolve of the Armenian nation to fight for the rights of Artsakh with no reservations.

Both of the tasks are have been fulfilled in a slightly unusual but effective way. I want to thank all of you for your perseverance. Our task is to turn the energy that was generated as a result of yesterday’s speech into a concrete task.

All for the sake of Artsakh, everything for the sake of Artsakh. This is the logic that should work these days. During these days, the entire public administration system is working to eliminate organizational gaps, to make the actions of each unit more effective.

Our capabilities are limited but the Artsakh Defense Army has enough weapons & potential to solve the problems set before it. Yes, we have many enemies in the world but we also have friends, who stand & will stand next to us in difficult times.

The grateful Armenian nation will ever forget that attitude. We will never forget.

Against this backdrop, we have to strengthen our will, unite our will, nurture our determination and dedication, to protect the right to self-determination of our nation and Armenians of Artsakh.

This war must become an absolute and irreplaceable priority for each of us and we will win. During this war, the perception of the Karabakh conflict in the world has significantly changed.

The main international actors now accept and openly declare that Azerbaijan and Turkey are the aggressors. The presence of terrorists and mercenaries fighting from the Azerbaijani side is already a fact proven in the world.

This has become possible thanks to our diplomatic work and constructive public emphasis. We were able to show that Azerbaijan has never been ready to compromise, & this fact legitimizes the right of the Armenian people to fight to the end, to shape and enjoy its victories.

Let’s agree that we will not be afraid of anything. We will not allow any internal or external force to plant the seeds of doubt in our free and happy future. We will not be discouraged even from our mistakes, omissions, failures.

And you, the Armenian people, are the winners. Go and claim your victory, stand up and construct your victory. And rest assured, that the government will not for one minute, for one second deviate from its work and responsibility to show you the way to this victory.

Translation: EVN Report

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