BREAKING NEWS: Over 500 Azeri Soldiers Killed Today, Armenian Armed Forces Retake Numerous Positions.

Today, the enemy’s invasion idea has failed, resulting in the deaths of over 500 Azerbaijani soldiers. Moreover, the Defense Army units have registered significant success in different directions of the front, taking some previously lost positions mainly in the northern-southern directions, reports Deputy Commander of the Defense Army of Artsakh Arthur Sargsyan.

Intensive military operations took place throughout the night and day on the whole front, in all directions. The northern-southern directions were especially tense. “Today the enemy used all of his arsenal.” 

During the day and night, the enemy used aviation, helicopters, planes, strike ATS, all the missile and artillery weapons in the arsenal. Using armored units many times, they tried to attack our combat systems, but failed.

Per Artsakh MOD

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