Samvel Petrosyan, A Former MP Of Georgian Parliament, To Run For Parliament Seat.

Samvel Petrosyan, a former Armenian MP of the Georgian parliament, who is currently a member of the Akhalkalaki Sakrebulo, will run for a seat in the Georgian parliament as a candidate of the opposition Alliance of Patriots party, Jnews reports.

Petrosyan has already confirmed his participation in the parliamentary elections scheduled for October 31, adding he has been on the party’s electoral list for more than a month.

He said that each candidate is confident that he/she will win the election.

“There is a well-known saying that every nation gets the government it deserves. If the people elect a pro-Turkish leader, they deserve that fate. If the people vote for me, I will be a deputy, if not, I will stay at home,” Petrosyan said, also not ruling out possible vote rigging cases.

Samvel Petrosyan was a member of the Georgian parliament from the United National Movement party in 2012-2016.

H/T Panorama

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