Patrick Bet-David Interviews ANCA’s Aram Hamparian On Azerbaijan’s Recent Offensives Aimed At Armenia.

Patrick Bet-David sits down with Aram Hamparian, the executive director of Armenian National Committee of America to talk about the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

The link to the Armenian Genocide Reparations Report is:

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About the Guest: 

As ANCA Executive Director, he served as the organization’s national point-person with the Administration, Congress, the media, and the Washington, DC foreign policy community. In cooperation with regional offices, more than 50 local chapters, dozens of coalition partners, hundreds of community affiliates, and thousands of grassroots activists, I work daily on a broad range of legislative, policy, research, political, campaign, media, coalition, and community-related concerns. I have testified before Congress, lectured at the National Defense University, the Foreign Service Institute, and USAID, been quoted by the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, AP, and Reuters, and appeared on CNN, BBC, RT, Al Jazeera, and many other media outlets.

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