BREAKING NEWS: Three Young Armenians attacked By Group Of Azerbaijanis In Istanbul.

As the border clashes between Armenia and Azerbaijan calmed down, attacks and threats against Armenians erupted in various countries. A tense situation currently ensues in Kumkapı, Turkey, as three Armenians were attacked by Azerbaijanis recently.

The group that carried out the attack shared the documentation of the attack on Youtube.

One of the young men’s mother  informed Agos that while they were taking a taxi, a group said they were asking about Karabakh and the Armenians responded that they were not interested in these issues, but nonetheless were attacked. In the incident, a total of 3 Armenians were attacked, however two other Armenians over 50 years old were attacked in the same district, and a shop run by an Armenian woman was also beaten. Saying that the images are already on the Internet, the Armenians demand that the authorities take action.

HDP MP Garo Paylan said that he had met with Istanbul Governor Ali Yerlikaya to take necessary measures regarding the issue.

H/T Agos

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