BREAKING NEWS: Armenian School In San Francisco Vandalized As Part Of A Series Of Global Attacks On Armenians.

Krouzian-Zakarian-Vasbourgan (KZV) Armenian School in San Francisco has been vandalized overnight as part of a series of global attacks on Armenians, reports Alex Galitsky of the ANCA.

These global attacks on Armenians started out as individual attacks and have now manifested in attacks on Armenian businesses and now a school.  There are reports that these attacks are being incited by the Azerbaijani government. This act of hate is the first time an Armenian school has been vandalized since January 2019, when both Ferrahian Armenian School and AGBU Manoogian-Demirjian School were vandalized with Turkish flags.

This act of vandalism comes one day after an Armenian embassy car was targeted in Berlin, Germany, Armenian cafes being set on fire in Kiev, Ukraine, and Armenian individuals being attacked in Moscow, Russia.

These actions have no place in our society, they only continue to sow interethnic strife and undermine the multinational foundations of the United States of America.

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