Armenian-Azeri Border At A ‘Relative Peace’ Overnight As Azerbaijan Only Fires 183 Shots On Armenia.

On the Armenian-Azerbaijani border on July 20, as well as at this moment, a relative peace has been maintained, per Shushan Stepanyan, Spokesperson for the Defense Ministry of Armenia on Facebook.

The opponent violated the ceasefire 17 times from in various parts of the border, firing about 183 rounds towards Armenian positions.

2 ceasefire violations occurred int he directions of military positions located in Sotk and Artanish.

Military positions in the direction of Movses, Aygepar, Vazashen, Dovegh, Barkamavan, were targeted 9 times in total.

In the direction of Yeraskh, Chiva, Zangakatun, Armenian positions were targeted 6 times in total.

The Republic of Armenia’s Armed Forces maintained restraint and reacted only to the fire targeting our positions.

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