Markets In Moscow Owned By Azeri Billionaires Ban Armenian Produce.

Some Moscow markets owned by Azerbaijani billionaires Ilham Rahimov and God Nisanov have banned the sale of agricultural produce from Armenia, amid renewed unrest on the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan, per PanArmenian.

According to several media reports, the Azerbaijani businessmen have prohibited any transactions involving vegetables and fruits from Armenia.

As a result, tons of Armenian apricots and sweet cherries remained in trucks.

Social media users, however, spread the word about the incident on July 17, and Armenians from different cities of Russia flocked to the trucks to buy Armenian produce and help their compatriots.

Prominent Russian-Armenian writer Narine Abgaryan has revealed the apricots are of excellent quality and sold at a price that is lower than the current market price, because the markets that have sheltered the Armenians trucks have demanded no fees.

Earlier, a group of Azerbaijanis had bought apricots in Russia and stomped it as a sign of protest against Armenia.

The situation on the border between the two countries escalated on July 12, with Azerbaijan having launched three unsuccessful infiltration attempts since that day. The Azerbaijani military has also been firing on the Armenian positions, and using large caliber grenade launchers and combat drones to target civilian homes in several border settlements. Four servicemen of the Armenian army have been killed, while Azerbaijan has reported 12 deaths.

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