BREAKING NEWS: Posters Bringing Awareness To Azeri Aggression Put Up Across Brussels.

Overnight, posters bringing awareness to Azeri aggression against Armenia were put up all over Brussels, Belgium, sources in Brussels, exclusively inform Zartonk Media.

Posters hung depicted messages like, “Aliyev stop bombing Armenian civilians,” “Aliyev is guilty of war crimes,” “Erdogan-Aliyev partners in crime,” “Azerbaijani aggression against Armenians,” Armenian wants peace, while Azerbaijan wants war,” and “Azerbaijan is starting a regional war against Armenians amid a global pandemic.”

This comes after an attempted Azerbaijani incursion into Armenian territory last Sunday before attacking Armenian positions in Tavush, in the villages of Movses, Berd, Chinari, Aygepar, and many others. 

The source informed Zartonk Media that although the taggers are unknown, one thing is certain, the message sent from Belgium to Baku is clear. Aliyev’s futile efforts must be put to a stop and Azerbaijani aggression will not be condoned.

The posters in Brussels represent a call for an end to Azeri aggression and urge the international community to pursue sanctions on the government of Azerbaijan and shed light on its international and human rights violations. Armenians everywhere throughout the Armenian diaspora stand with the peaceful people of Armenia and reaffirm their undeniable right to security and independence.

This comes days after many Azerbaijani Embassies were vandalized in a response to the Aliyev regime’s warmongering policy against the Republic of Armenia.

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