BREAKING NEWS: Armenian Youth In France Protest In Front Of Azerbaijani Embassy.

On July 18, a protest was organized in front of the Azerbaijani Embassy in Paris France to condemn and denounce the reprehensible actions of Azerbaijan against Armenia, sources in Paris, France exclusively inform Zartonk Media.

Zartonk Media’s sources in Paris revealed that around 500 Armenians were present at the protest organized by Nor Seround. Furthrmore, there was no counter-protest, but there were Azeri provocateurs inside the embassy.

During the main speech, a member of the central executive of Nor Seround declared that, “This aggression by Azerbaijan is the continuation of the genocidal strategy intended and implemented by the Young Turks at the beginning of the 20th century. Turkey and its little sister, Azerbaijan, want to destroy the Armenian people, to destroy Armenian history, to destroy Armenia.”

He added that, “We are here today to say STOP to the Azeri aggression into Armenian territory. STOP the threat to the integrity of ARMENIA! Stop the dictatorship of Aliyev! Stop the bombing of the Tavush villages! Stop the attacks against innocent civilians, villagers whose only wrong is to be Armenian. Stop the racist, denialist and Armenophobic policies of dictators Aliyev and Erdogan. Stop the sale of arms and military equipment from Western countries, including France, to the dictatorial regime of the Aliyev clan. These countries are complicit in the war crimes committed by the Azeri army.”

The protest in Paris, among many others across the world, calls for an end to Azeri aggression and urges the international community to pursue sanctions on the government of Azerbaijan and shed light on its international and human rights violations. Armenians everywhere throughout the Armenian diaspora stand with the peaceful people of Armenia and reaffirm their undeniable right to security and independence.

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