Armenian Armed Forces Suppress Azeri Offensive, About 20 Azeris Killed During Ensuing Firefight.

The Azeri Armed Forces launched a large military offensive in an attempt to take the “Anvakh” position. The failed offensive was conducted by over 100 Azeri soldiers which resulted in heavy personnel and artillery losses.

Head of the Command and Staff Faculty at the Military University, Artsrun Hovhannisyan says that about 20 Azeris have been killed during the ensuing firefight. He states that there are corpses on the battlefield and they are waiting to hear the casualty count from the Azeri side, taking into consideration Azerbaijan’s notorious practice of decreasing their death count. Ministry of Defense Spokesperson, Shushan Stepanyan announces that the Azerbaijani side will be allowed to retrieve the corpses when a ceasefire is agreed upon.

During the offensive, Hovhannisyan confirms that there are no injuries nor casualties on the Armenian side. In the press conference, he added that Azerbaijan’s heavy losses are not encouraging signs for the 50,000-strong protestors that took to the streets in Baku yesterday, of which only 150 volunteered to go to the frontlines. 

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