Armenian Edwin Najmi Defeats Osvaldo Moizinho In The Fight To Win 146 Main Event.

In the Fight to Win 146 main event on July 10, 2020, Edwin Najmi defeated Osvaldo “Queixinho” Moizinho by submission, per Jiujitsu Times.

Najmi began the match working on passing Queixinho’s guard, which turned into a toehold attempt from both competitors. Queixinho let go first, and the two began to roll out of bounds. As they returned to the center of the stage, Queixinho resumed playing guard, attempting an Estima lock and eventually working to a single hook on Queixinho’s back. After rolling out of bounds a couple of times, Najmi was reset onto Queixinho’s back in the center, where he was quickly able to get his other hook in and sink the choke for the win.

Najmi was declared the winner via submission.

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