BREAKING NEWS: Anti-Armenian Sentiment In The Form Of Pro-Erdogan Protests Sweep Streets Of Lebanon.

Lebanese-Armenian TV Host Neshan Der Haroutunian, and the Armenians of Lebanon in general, have been receiving threats by pro-Turkey parties. It all started when Neshan Der Haroutunian, the host of a popular Lebanese TV show, received a tweet from a spectator calling him “a refugee p**…” This type of rhetoric and narratives have become commonplace against the Armenian community in Lebanon. 

According to Sako Arian, “The problem arose when a person who presented himself as a Lebanese posed threats to host of Al Javid TV station, famous Armenian journalist Neshan Der Haroutunian during an interactive show on WhatsApp, referring to him as a migrant and foreigner. In his turn, Neshan opposed the caller and stressed that Erdogan, Turkey and the Ottomans are insidious.”

After the show, dozens of people, most of whom live abroad, made provocative statements against the Armenians, justified the genocide perpetrated by the Ottoman Turks and said ‘you Armenians are insidious and deserve those murders’. They also praised the fact that they were so-called Ottoman Turks and the followers and supporters of Erdogan.

Armenians and TV host Neshan Der Haroutunian have been receiving threats by pro-Turkey parties in Lebanon for a long time. 

In a viral video, Mounir Hassan, President of the Lebanese-Arab “Mardalia” organization made direct threats to the Neshan Der Haroutunian, Lebanese-Armenian personality and the greater Lebanese-Armenian community.

He is threatening to slaughter Armenians in Bourj Hammoud, calling Ottomans “his ancestors” and that they did a good job slaughtering Armenians, calling Armenians stupid, traitors, evil, disrespectful, and making other obscene remarks at Der Haroutunian. He also fires his insults on Lebanese politicians, Wiam Wahab and Walid Jumblatt, who represent the Druze, calling them traitors, liars, etc.

Arian doesn’t think these provocations are unexpected since those following the developments in Lebanon from afar have noticed Ankara’s ambitions to become established in Lebanon to establish a so-called ‘Turkish lobby’ in northern Lebanon.

“Syria, Libya and now Lebanon…this is Ankara’s new plan, and unfortunately, the Sunni Arab world has become a silent and helpless observer. In closing, I would like to address my Lebanese-Armenian friends with the certainty that they will confront this trial with pride and courage as well. May God be with our people.”

Attacks and provocations against Armenians glorifying the Ottomans and the perpetrators of the Armenian Genocide have become the fruits of Erdogan’s plants in Lebanon over the past decade. This has resulted in pro-Erdogan and pro-Turkey protests to sweep the streets of Lebanon. Armenophobia and anti-Armenian sentiments have run rampant among Turkey, but also pro-Turkey sympathizers in Lebanon, mostly within the Sunni communities. These provocations have made their way in various capacities through various arenas. Turkish flags are often raised at Lebanese basketball matches when the Armenian club Homenetmen travels to the Sunni-supported Riyadi club to play.

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