“Azeri Leadership Must Come To Terms With Peace In The Region.” – MOD Spokeswoman.

RA Defense Ministry spokeswoman Shushan Stepanyan wrote a post on her Facebook page criticizing the military-political leadership of Azerbaijan.

“Azerbaijani Defense Minister Zakir Hasanov held a meeting today during which he actually and finally accepted that the initiator of the April 2016 military operation is the Azerbaijani side, represented by him and his commander-in-chief. Moreover, he admitted that they were not very happy with the results of April war and could not solve the problem set.

Therefore he is personally will be held accountable for his all words and deeds, for the shed blood of both Armenian and Azerbaijani servicemen. We remind the Azerbaijani military-political leadership that it is high time to come to terms with peace and military equivalence in the region.

Otherwise the Armenian Armed Forces will have to multiply the results of the 1994 trilateral ceasefire with all determination, professionalism and powerful blows, and protect the joint security of Armenia and Artsakh”, the RA Defense Ministry spokeswoman wrote.

H/T 1 Lurer

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