Man Arrested After Threats To Hrant Dink Foundation.

A resident of the central city of Konya has been arrested at his home on suspicion of sending threatening messages to the Hrant Dink Foundation, Turkey’s Interior Minister announced Saturday.

The professional tiler, 25, has had the cell phone he used to deliver the threats confiscated for examination and been taken to Istanbul for further questioning, Daily Sabah reports.

The foundation, which focuses on fostering Turkish-Armenian cultural relations and was established following the assassination of namesake journalist Hrant Dink, contacted authorities after receiving an anonymous warning that: “Let’s just say you’ll have to flee or you’ll have to die – and this time it will be Rakel Dink and that lawyer who get it.”

Police immediately sprung into action and determined that the message had been sent from the central city. The local police’s anti-terror branch was then contacted, before dispatching teams on Saturday morning to apprehend the suspect at his home in the city’s Bosna Hersek neighborhood.

H/T Public Radio Of Armenia

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