Armenian Government Once Again Urges Citizens To Wear Face Masks.

The Armenian government once again urges citizens to wear face masks and remove them only when eating.

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan posted a video on Facebook which shows how the government’s call is voiced from a car in one of the yards in Yerevan.

“Dear compatriots, there is a coronavirus pandemic in the Republic of Armenia. We urge you all to wear face masks and remove them only when eating. The face mask should close your nose and mouth. Regularly disinfect your hands and do not touch your face with unwashed hands. Keep the social distance and avoid contact with other persons, who are not your family members, without wearing face masks”.

The government urges to wear face masks to save hundreds of lives.

Face masks should be changed every three-four hours. People can use also homemade face masks. The government also thanks the citizens for keeping the anti-epidemic rules.

H/T ArmenPress

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