NASA Investigates Unexpected Meteor Crash In Armenia & Turkey.

NASA investigates as unexpected meteor crash into Earth, Daily Express reports.

Footage of a meteor impact was caught on camera as the object crashed into Earth in Armenia and Turkey.

One of these videos, recorded by Arman Abrahamyan, was shared on Facebook by the head of Armenia’s Hydrometeorology and Monitoring Service Gagik Surenyan.

Mr Surenyan described the object as a “big meteorite” in the caption.

Observers in Turkey reported the event took place on Wednesday at around 8:30pm.

Police officials in the Black Sea province of Trabzon confirmed that a “ball of light” was reported by multiple eyewitnesses.

It was also seen across several other provinces in northern Turkey on Wednesday evening.

Witnesses said it was visible across Artvin, Erzurum, Sivas, Tuncel and Ardahan.

Ozan Unsalan from Ege University who leads Turkey’s Meteorite Tracking Project claimed that the object was a “typical meteorite.”

Mr Ünsalan said that NASA had not issued a warning about the meteor.

Turkish researchers have since been in contact with the US space agency to determine the nature of the ball of light.

H/T Public Radio of Armenia

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