Azerbaijan Shoots At Armenian Army Vehicle Near Nakhchivan, Catches Fire.

Armenian Defense Ministry spokeswoman Shushan Stepanyan confirmed the media reports that a Nissan Patriot car of the Armenian military was hit by Azerbaijani gunfire, but dismissed the allegations that it belonged to a senior army officer.

“During the daily activities of the troops such incidents are not ruled out; cross-border shootings happen every day, as a result of which both our and the adversary’s military equipment is damaged,” she said in a Facebook post.

“In the direction of Nakhichevan, particularly the mentioned direction, the situation is relatively stable and controllable, with no concerning developments observed.

“The incident took place in the area of new reinforcements being built by the Armenian Armed Forces in the neutral zone. Indeed, the car was burnt down, but it does not serve the battalion commander,” Stepanyan wrote.

Meanwhile, she said, unlike some Armenian media outlets, the Azerbaijani media never report Armenian army units’ retaliatory actions which “always leave the adversary suppressed”.

H/T Panorama

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