Yerevan-LA Online Concert Raises 100M AMD To Help Armenia Fight COVID-19.

The Tovmasyan Charity Foundation organized a charity pan-Armenian interactive online concert. On May 2, an unprecedented concert program has been launched, which was attended by about six dozen Armenian show business stars, whose performances were broadcast live from Yerevan (Dvin Music Hall concert hall) and Los Angeles. The concert was also available via VR technology. spoke with the head of the foundation, well-known businessman Artak Tovmasyan about the project.

Mr. Tovmasyan, the pan-Armenian online concert took place, how do you assess it, can it be considered successful?

I think people should say about the successful side of the concert and the initiative as a whole. As regards the organizational and general technical aspects, everything was unequivocally successful, taking into account the tight deadlines during which the entire event was organized. We had several goals: to unite all the Armenians, changing the spirit and mood of people these days, and supporting the country. The concert is just the beginning of the initiative. Donations and the auction are still ongoing on the official website I want to express special thanks to all those who made donations. This is not my initiative, it is the initiative of all of us. Any, even the smallest luma will play a big role and save someone’s life. Everyone today makes investments for himself, for his family, because we must be aware that none of us is safe from infection.

How long did the concert last, did everything go as planned, or did you face some surprises?

The concert lasted 10 hours and ended at dawn. It is now available on our official Youtube channel. There were no surprises, but donators Marcos and Ruta – who won a number of tango competitions – have tested positive after sending the video.

The money raised during the initiative will be directed to the fight against COVID 19. How much money has been raised so far?

Yes, the proceeds will go to #Covid19 programs in Armenia to support the healthcare system, to purchase the necessary breathing equipment and appropriate medicines. Everyone can follow the entire process at I would like to note that 10% of the money raised will go to the Armenian Army. At the moment, the amount raised exceeds AMD 100 million, but the donations are still going on.

How long will the fundraising continue?

The donations and auctions will be summarized on June 1. Tovmasyan Foundation will make an official statement in conjunction with a council created by independent bodies.

H/T News.Am

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