BREAKING NEWS: Azerbaijani Forces Attack Artsakh With Mortars, Near Martuni.

Today on April 29, at around 3:00 pm and 5:25 p.m., Azerbaijani Armed Forces attacked Artsakh with 60-mm grenade launchers in the direction of the Armenian positions located in the eastern part of the line of contact near Martuni, per the Ministry of Defense of Artsakh.

Artsakh Defense Army forces did not suffer any casualties as a result of the incident, the Ministry added. Azerbaijan’s activity was suppressed after retaliatory actions were taken by the Armenian side.

This is the first time since June, 2019 that the Azerbaijani armed forces used mortar shells at Armenian positions. Ceasefire violations from different types of firearms have also been registered throughout the day.

The situation on the front line is calm at the moment, and Defense Army units continue to confidently carry out their military task, the Defense Ministry said.

During this past week, Azerbaijan breached the ceasefire at the Artsakh line of contact over 180 times with more than 3,500 rounds fired at Artsakh’s positions. In addition, Artsakh Defense Army forces downed a drone which crossed the Artsakh air border belonging to the Azerbaijani Air Force on April 21.

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