BREAKING NEWS: Armenian-American Community Donates 5 Million Meals To Families Impacted By COVID-19.

The Armenian-American community has donated over 5 million meals to help families struggling during the Covid-19 pandemic, the Armenian National Committee of America said on Twitter.

“Thank you to all of you in our community, far and wide, for being a part of this effort! It is because of you we have far surpassed our initial goal of 1.5 Meals! In fact, we’ve reached over 5 Million meals provided through the campaign at end of campaign on April 24th!” Said the ANCA on Twitter.

The initial goal was to donate 1.5 million meals to Feeding America to honor the memory of 1.5 million victims of the Armenian Genocide.

Just as America came together to help the Armenians, we have as a diasporan community bound together in this year’s virtual March for Justice, providing meals to Americans in support with Feeding America.

“Feeding America estimates that one out of eight Americans is facing hunger these days, so this is a way for us to band together during these trying times. This is a way for the Armenian community to also honor all of Americans who were instrumental in saving the Armenian Nation during genocide from 1915-1930 through Near East Relief,” said Sahakyan.

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