Djemal Pasha’s Grandson: “My Armenian Brothers, I Share The Pain Of The April 24 Genocide.”

Turkish journalist Hasan Cemal, who is the grandson of Djemal Pasha – one of the masterminds of the Armenian Genocide – has joined commemorations of the 105th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.

“My Armenian brothers, I share the pain of the April 24 Genocide with my Armenian brothers,” he tweeted on Friday, April 24 morning.

Cemal visited the Armenian Genocide memorial in Yerevan back in 2008. Four years later, he published the book “Armenian Genocide”, dedicated to the memory of slain Turkish-Armenian journalist Hrant Dink.

April 24, 1915 is the day when a group of Armenian intellectuals were rounded up and assassinated in Constantinople by the Ottoman government. On April 24, Armenians worldwide are commemorating the 105th anniversary of the Genocide, which continued until 1923. Some three dozen countries, hundreds of local government bodies and international organizations have so far recognized the killings of 1.5 million Armenians as Genocide. Turkey denies to this day.

H/T PanArmenian

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