BREAKING NEWS: Ukraine’s Deputy FM Vasily Bodnar calls on fellow MP’s to not use term ‘Armenian Genocide.’

On the eve of the 105th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, Ukraine’s Deputy FM Vasily Bodnar has called on Members of Parliament to not use the term ‘Armenian Genocide’, along with giving instructions for them to not participate in the events commemorating the victims of the Armenian Genocide.

Ukrainian MP Daria Volodina of the “Servant of the People” Party posted Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vasily Bodnar’s letter on her Facebook page as evidence.

Daria Volodina wrote the following: “After an interaction with representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine last year, it became clear that certain employees of the ministry are very indifferent towards the fate of Ukraine and certain citizens of the country, but the absolute illiteracy of certain employees is another problem.

Evidence of this is Vasily Bodnar’s letter. As deputy chair of the friendship group with Armenia, I can’t keep silent. Based on my information, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs would send such ‘happy letters’ during the administration of Poroshenko, and as far as I understand, the deputy minister has decided to continue this tradition. I’m not recalling the fact that this is the official document of a diplomat. I can’t even refer to him as a diplomat.

In February, during Erdogan’s visit to the Ukraine, Bodnar pasted a picture on his Twitter with Erdogan, congratulating him on his official visit to the country.

I am certain that those who understand the absurdity of such statements will agree with me and will express their opinions to the deputy minister about this.

I would like to recall that the Armenian Genocide has been recognized by countries such as the USA, Italy, Germany, Canada, the Netherlands, France, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Switzerland, Greece, Portugal, etc. With all due respect for Ukraine’s strategic partners, I believe we must refrain from reading such letters in extreme cases, especially when they come from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,” Volodina said.

Earlier, Volodina had presented a bill to respect the memory of the victims of the Armenian Genocide, but the bill was recalled by the Supreme Rada of Ukraine.

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