55 Years Ago Today, Uruguay Became The First Nation To Recognize The Armenian Genocide.

This year marks the 55th anniversary of Armenian Genocide recognition by Uruguay, the first country to officially acknowledge this crime against humanity.

The Armenian National Committee of Uruguay describes the recognition as a “historical milestone in the fight for justice for the Armenian people.”

The Committee has been commemorating the anniversary of the Armenian genocide  together with the Presidency of the House of Representatives for two decades in the Legislative Palace.

Given the current coronavirus crisis, the event has been postponed this year, but a  series of commemorative activities will be organized in compliance with conditions imposed by the health emergency.

On April 24, the Armenian community will organize the traditional blood donation. The Committee says the action “aims to symbolically give back the solidarity received by our ancestors who survived the Genocide and were welcomed and integrated on an equal footing  by Uruguayan society.”

The traditional March for Justice organized by the Armenian Youth Federation will no go ahead as usual, and move to an online platform instead.

Finally, the Armenian institutions are coordinating efforts to bring their contribution to those who have been especially affected by the consequences of this pandemic.

On 20 April 1965, Uruguay became the first nation in the world to officially recognize the Armenian genocide.

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