Popular Turkish Singer Wishes Coronavirus To Hit Greece, Russia & U.S. In New Viral Song.

Popular Turkish Folk Singer Fikret Şimşek of Erzerum has written and released a new viral song “Go Corona, Go Viral” which portrays his wishes for the deadly coronavirus to leave his country and hit its enemies including Greece, Russia and the United States of America, per Greek City Times.

According to tourkikanea.gr, the singer “exorcises the evil” with his ‘new hit’ song titled “Go Corona, Go Viral”, that has gone viral on Turkish media sites.

The lyrics, which were translated by tourkikanea.gr, asks the coronavirus to “leave” Turkey and go to its enemies- Egypt, Syria, Russia, the U.S and Greece, which is characterized as a “black stain of the era”.

Turkish Singer Murat Asli joined Simsek & released his own variation of the song.

The lyrics of Simsek’s “Go Corona, Go Viral” are as follows:

Türkiye’me yakışmazsın
Git korona git buradan

Müslümanla pekişmezsin
Git korona git buradan

Biraz da Mısır’ı dolaş
Arada Sisi’ye ulaş

Katil Esat’a da bulaş
Git korona git buradan

Putin Trump’u da ara
Onlarda çok silah ve para

İkisini koy mezara
Git korona git buradan

Göçmenleri yutar dalga
Kara leke oldu çağa

Sahil Yunan sahiline vura
Git korona git buradan

Onlar Amarika nöker
Sümüklü burnunu çeker

You are not worthy to my Turkey
go corona, go viral

You don’t consolidate with Muslim
go corona, go viral

Travel a little to Egypt
There you can reach Sisi too ((Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, President of Egypt)

Get to the assassin Assad (Bashar al-Assad, President of Syria)
go corona, go viral

Look for Putin and Trump (President’s of Russia and USA)
They have a lot of weapons and money

Put them both in the grave
go corona, go viral

Let your wave swallow migrants
black stain of the era

Shoot the Greek coast
go corona, go viral

She has slaves in America
you give them sniffs snotty noses

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