BREAKING NEWS: Azerbaijan Attacks Armenia, Injures Two Soldiers & A Young Teen Civilian.

Earlier Today at around, Azerbaijani Armed Forces attempted a subversive attack on Armenian military positions located near the Noyemberyan region of the Tavush Province in the northeast, per the Ministry Of Defense of Armenia. Azerbaijani forces were repelled thanks to the actions of Armenian frontline troops, the ministry aded.

Two Armenian soldiers of the Armenian Armed Forces were wounded by Azerbaijani provocative cross-border fire, per Shushan Stepanyan, Spokesperson for the Ministry of Defense of Armenia.

At the same time, the Azerbaijani armed forces opened fire towards two Armenian border villages of Baghanis and Voskevan, wounding a school-age child who was standing in the balcony was shot in the chest. The child was immediately hospitalized and is currently undergoing surgery. The child wounded is in serious, but stable condition, the injury is not life-threatening, added Alina Nikoghosyan, Spokesperson for the Ministry of Health.

The Defense Ministry said the Armenian side will take retaliatory measures to stabilize the situation on the border and restrain the rival’s troops, with all responsibility for the consequences resting with the Azerbaijani authorities.

The two wounded servicemen are in stable condition and their lives aren’t at risk, per Shushan Stepanyan Spokesperson of the Ministry of Defense of Armenia. The servicemen are currently being transferred to Yerevan for surgery.

“In order to stabilize the situation in the border zone and to counter the brazen actions by Azerbaijani forces … taken amid the [coronavirus] pandemic the Armenian Armed Forces will resort to actions commensurate with the situation. Azerbaijan’s military-political leadership will be fully responsible for the consequences,” read the Defense Ministry statement.
Another Armenian soldier deployed in Tavush was wounded on Friday, according to the ministry, per Azatutyun.

Azerbaijan’s State Border Guard Service, whose troops protect the Tavush-Gazakh section of the frontier, denied opening fire on the Armenian villages and said it was the Armenian side that fired at an Azerbaijani border village from heavy machine-guns. It said its troops shot back in response, according to the Trend news agency.

Per The Ministry Of Defense of Armenia

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