Azerbaijan Bombards Armenia’s Voskepar Village In Tavush.

On the night of February 29, Azerbaijani armed forces bombarded the bordering Voskepar village of Armenia’s Tavush Province with machine guns of large caliber. Head of Voskepar village Serob Makhsudyan confirmed the news in an interview.

He informed that the Azerbaijani armed forces bombarded “at around 3-4 a.m. and for nearly two hours.” Serob Makhsudyan stated that there are no victims, “a bullet only struck and damaged the wall of the house of one of the residents.”

Earlier this week on Friday, Azerbaijan opened fire towards Koti village of Armenia’s Tavush Province, said head of Koti village Felix Melikyan. According to him, the gunshots were fired around noon. “I can’t state an exact hour, but it was around noon. The gunshots were fired at the village and the military posts and ended after an hour,” he said. According to Melikyan, nobody is injured, and no villager’s property has suffered damages. “I don’t have any information about damages at this moment, and nobody is injured. They fire gunshots that either strike a wall or elsewhere. It’s a big village,” he said.

H/T News.Am

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