Two Iranian-Armenians Elected Members Of The Iranian Parliament.

Two Iranian-Armenians, Ara Shahverdyan and Robert Beglaryan, have been elected members of the parliament (Majles) of Iran, Raffi Pirumian, head of the campaign office of Ara Shahverdyan told ARMENPRESS.

“4 Armenian candidates were running for parliament in the northern part – Ara Shahverdyan, Albert Poghosyan, Aris Shahbazyan and Sevan Sohrayi. Ara Shahverdyan received nearly 66% of the votes”, he said, adding that Robert Beglaryan won the election in the northern part, where Emin Hovsep was the 2nd candidate.

The parliamentary elections in Iran took place on February 21. The number of eligible voters in Iran is nearly 58,000,000. The Iranian parliament has 290 seats, 5 of which are allocated to religious minorities.

H/T ArmenPress

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