France’s Palace of Versailles To Host Commemoration Concert For Armenian Genocide On April 24.

On April 24, The Palace of Versailles in France will host a concert to commemorate the victims of the 1915 Armenian Genocide marking the tragedy’s 105th anniversary.

The concert will feature Chouchane Siranossian (Violin), Astrig Siranossian (Cello), Vardan Mamikonian (Piano) and Melody Louledjian (Soprano) who will perform pieces by acclaimed Armenian composers Komitas, Aram Khachaturian and Arno Babajanian.

The Armenian Genocide (1915-1916) took place in Turkey during the First World War. Two-thirds of the Armenian population died in deportation, from famine and massacres planned by the Ottoman empire, with more than 1.2 million victims. The 24th of April has been designated as the commemoration day of this crime against humanity.

The music expressing the voice of the Armenian people and its multi-millennial history will be interpreted in the Royal Chapel. Its capital Erevan, one of the oldest cities in the world, was founded in 782 BC and, in the 4th century, Armenia became one of the first Christian kingdoms. After many trials and tribulations, the Armenians are today a global people with a living culture.Three virtuoso artists will interpret the magnificent “classical music” of Armenia, joining memory and will to live in a powerful symbolic moment.

Per Château De Versailles

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