The Republic Of Armenia Celebrates 28th Anniversary Of Armed Forces.

The national Armed Forces are celebrating their 28th anniversary on Tuesday. The Armenian army came into existence in a very complicated period, with the self-determination of Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh) standing high on the nation’s agenda in the final months of the Soviet Union. The Armenians had to struggle through hardships and and a war to achieve the liberation of Artsakh on their way towards creating an independent statehood.

Though officially, the national army creation dates back to January 28, 1992 (as the Supreme Council of Soviet Armenia passed a corresponding decision back then), it took the armed forces 4-4.5 to become fully accomplished. The national army got tempered in different phases of the Artsakh liberation war while trying to ensure the military security of the two Armenian republics.

The process involved both active and patriotic officers trained in the Soviet period and the Armenian volunteers corps which shaped the backbone of the army.

As early as in June 1994, the army building and sustainable development activities, the efforts towards raising the armed forces’ efficiency, strengthening discipline and training the senior officer corps were completed. The Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia are now composed of the Ministry of Defense and five Army corpses. January 28 is officially a holiday and a non-business day in Armenia.

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