From Khash To Basturma: Samuelsson Explores LA’s Armenian Food Scene.

In the second episode of No Passport Required Season 2, host Marcus Samuelsson heads to Los Angeles to eat with and learn from the city’s large Armenian community, Eater reports.

Samuelsson arrives in sunny Los Angeles to meet with Armenians influencing the city’s food scene. Armenian food is diaspora food.

Marcus gets to know the people preserving and growing Armenian food culture in LA and neighboring city Glendale. He tries traditional favorites like manti, ponchik, and lula kebab, as well as next-generation takes including barbecue and even shawarma tacos.

The Ethiopian-born chef raised in Sweden journeys from East Hollywood to Glendale, visiting Phoenicia Restaurant, Mideast Tacos, Papillon International Bakery, Sahag’s Basturma among others meeting Armenians from Russia, Lebanon, Syria, Ethiopia and Egypt. From lula kebab to ghapama (pumpkin stuffed with apricots, rice and Aleppo peppers,) Samuelsson explores the rich Armenian history passed down from generations in L.A.’s foothills in the series co-produced with Eater.

The premiere highlights the combination of younger chefs born in Los Angeles, blending new ingredients and techniques with traditional Armenian rituals passed down to them by their grandparents.

H/T Public Radio Of Armenia

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