Catholicos Aram I Declares 2020 the Year of Armenians with Special Needs.

Western Prelate Archbishop Moushegh Mardirossian Reads Ponticial Statement: His Holiness Aram I, Catholicos of the Great House of Cilicia has declared 2020 the year of Armenians with special needs. This follows a tradition that the Catholicos started 16 years ago when through declarations special emphasis has been placed on institutions and individuals that make up the Armenian reality today. 2019 was declared the Year of the Armenian Press.

On Sunday Aram I’s “Year of Armenians with Special Needs” Pontifical message read during Divine Liturgy at St. Gregory the Illuminator Mother Cathedral in Antelias as well as in Western Prelacy Churches. Western Prelate Archbishop Moushegh Mardirossian, Prelate, presided over Divine Liturgy at the Crescenta Valley Church, read the Pontifical message and called on our faithful to lend their support to those with special needs. Divine Liturgy was celebrated by Parish Priest Rev. Ghevont Kirazian. Among the faithful in attendance were Executive Council Vice-Chair Meher Der Ohanessian and his wife, members of the parish family and of community organizations, and children with special needs along with their parents.

Referencing the Pontifical message, the Prelate emphasized that we are to care for our compatriots with special needs without discrimination, as they are an inseparable part of our society with equal rights and obligations. He blessed the children with special needs and their parents in attendance, the Sunday School students, and all the faithful, and concluded with the healing prayer with which the Pontifical message closes. Prior to “Der Voghormya,” on behalf of the parish Rev. Kirazian greeted the Prelate and invited the parishioners to pray.

Below is the Aram I’s proclamation issued by the Great House of Cilicia.

From the Monastery of Antelias of the Great House of Cilicia, we greet with pontifical blessing, warm Christian love and intense patriotism the World General Assembly, the Religious and Lay Councils of the Central Executive Council, the Prelates, the ecclesiastical class, the community leaders and our beloved people.

With deep satisfaction, we note that our decision to highlight a given feature or value intimately linked to our national life continues to have strong repercussions. As you know, we had proclaimed 2019 the “Year of the Armenian Press.” Indeed, not only in the Diaspora but across our national life, the press became the object of analysis and concern of our compatriots and, particularly, media outlets, the ecclesiastical class, journalists, intellectuals, as well as national, cultural and educational organizations. In this regard, the pan-Armenian conference organized at the monastery of Antelias by the initiative of the Holy See, was especially important.

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