Armenians Protest Closing Of Maternity Hospital In Armenia’s Yeghvard Town.

The staff of the Yeghvard Maternity Hospital should be given the title of hero, not close down the maternity hospital. What has the state done for the Yeghvard hospital in these 30 years that it is closing it now? A resident of Armenia’s Yeghvard town declared this during a protest near the town’s maternity hospital today.

“How can they close down the maternity hospital of Yeghvard, which has a population of 15,000, serving 20 villages?” asked another protester and added: “They closed down the orphanages, the maternity hospitals today, and the factories tomorrow.”

As reported earlier, according to the decision of the Ministry of Health, funding of a number of provincial medical facilities is being stopped, as a result of which some provincial maternity hospitals are closing down.

A few days ago, a similar protest was held in Maralik town.

H/T News.Am

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