Armenia Improves Standing On “Powerful Passports” Index.

The latest passport power rankings have come out, and Armenia appears to have improved its standing by three notches, taking the 81st spot overall.
The Henley Passport Index measures which passports are the most powerful out there based on the countries its holders can enter without prior visa approval.

According to the report, holders of Armenian passports can now visit 62 countries visa free instead of the 60 countries they had easy access to in 2019.

Japan and Singapore have established their lead on the passport power ranking, overtaking countries such as Germany and Finland.

In 2020, Pakistan, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan hold the spots 104 to 107. Pakistan took Somalia’s spot from last year as number 104.

Afghan nationals can only travel to 26 countries without having to bother with visas beforehand.

H/T PanArmenian

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