New Bill Would Allow Draftees to Pay $21,000 & Serve 1 Month In The Military Instead of 2 Years.

Armenian National Assembly MP Hayk Sargsyan, a member of the majority My Step faction, has floated a proposal to amend the Law on Accelerated Military Service and thus allow citizens subject to compulsory military service to pay AMD 10 million ($21,000) and serve for only one month instead of the required two years.

The bill would allow not only those who are wanted for military service, but also anyone subject to conscription in Armenia who can pay up to 10 million drams, to apply through a personal or authorized representative for the waiver. Sargsyan says the bill would serve as an incentive for those who left the country, mainly on false pretexts, to return and satisfy their military service obligations.

Under the initiative, approved applicants would learn all military rules and skills and would be registered in a specific military unit. If the soldier, after one month, wishes, to continue the military service he may get the paid sum back and serve for another 23 months.

The proposal has already sparked widespread opposition on the social networks in Armenia.

H/T Hetq

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