Erdogan Denies Armenian Genocide, Lashes Out at U.S. House For Recognizing.

Earlier Today, Turkish President Recep Erdogan lashed out at the U.S. House of Representatives for recognizing the Armenian Genocide, denying it ever occurred during a White House press conference with President Donald Trump.

“We have nothing to hide,’ said Erdogan, staging that he is willing to ‘open the archives reciprocally’ with Armenia ‘and establish a history commission’ while blasting Congress for recognizing mass killings of Armenians a century ago under the Ottoman Empire. About 1.5 million ethnic Ottoman Armenians were systematically killed between 1914 and 1923.

“I believe the Senate will take the United States out of this vicious cycle,” he sniped, referring to the pending Armenian Genocide resolution in the Senate and hinting that Congress was sticking its nose where it did not belong.

“It very very complex,” said Trump referring to Syria, adding that there were issues that went back centuries in that region.

President Donald Trump said he was a “a big fan of the president [Erdogan]” and called him “his great friend” stood idly as the Turkish president lashed out at Congress for recognizing the Armenian Genocide and told reporters and he returned back a letter in which Trump urged Erdogan not to attack Syria.

H/T Daily Mail

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