Armenians Feel As Safe As The Swiss, New Gallup Poll Says.

Armenians and the Swiss said they feel equally safe walking alone in their area at night, according to Gallup’s Law and Order Index 2019, with 89% of respondents in each country giving a “positive” response.

The report says Armenia has scored 85 points to land in the 11th spot alongside France, Ireland, Japan, Sweden, Myanmar and Saudi Arabia.
Respondents were asked whether they have confidence in the local police force; whether they feel safe walking alone at night; whether they had had money or property stolen and whether they had been assaulted or mugged within the last 12 months.

Gallup compiles the “positive” responses to the questions into the report score for each country. The higher the score, the higher the proportion of the population that reports feeling safe.

In the overall ranking, Armenia is doing better than Australia, the United States, Italy, Belgium and others.

H/T PanArmenian

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