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Enes Kanter

Azeris Attack Armenia’s Southern Border, Armenia Retaliates Causing Significant Damage To The Enemy.

In order to prevent the Azerbaijani encroachments in the southern direction of the Republic of Armenia, the Armenian Border Guard Forces took...

PM Nikol Pashinyan Addresses The Armenian Nation.

It has already been a month since the Turkish-Azerbaijani-terrorist forces launched a war against Artsakh & the Armenian people. Thousands of rockets,...

Azerbaijan Strikes Village Of Nngi In Martuni, Wounding Three Women.

Today, 3 Armenian women were wounded from Azerbaijani cluster missile strikes on Nngi village of Martuni region, per Artsakh’s Human Rights Ombudsman.

35 Armenians Killed Defending The Homeland, Totaling 1,009.

Today, 35 Armenian servicemen were killed defending Armenia & Artsakh, total 1,009, per the Armenian Unified Infocenter, Armenian Ministry of Defense.

Artsakh’s Defense Minister Jalal Harutyunyan Released From Post After Sustaining Injuries In Battle.

According to  President of Artsakh’s decree, L. Gen Jalal Harutyunyan was released from the post of MoD-Commander of the Defense Army, due...