22-Year-Old Armenian Civilian Killed, Three Wounded By Azerbaijani Forces Near Artsakh’s Occupied Shushi.

On November 8, at around 3։00 pm, one Armenian civilian was killed, three others wounded by Azerbaijani fire near Artsakh’s Occupied Shushi, reports the National Security Service of Artsakh.

Azerbaijani forces opened fire at a group of Armenian civilians repairing on a water supply pipes near the intersection in the vicinity of the entrance of Artsakh’s Occupied Shushi. As a result of the incident, traffic on the Shushi sector of the road of Berdzor has been suspended.

As a result of the incident, the four Armenian civilians were taken to Stepanakert Hospital. One of them succumbed to their injury (22-years-old) from a gunshot wound as the three others (41, 31, 43-years-old) are receiving medical treatment.

The lives of the three civilians wounded in Azerbaijani shooting are not in danger, said Angelina Isakhanyan, spokeswoman for the Minister of Health, per Artsakh Public Radio. The three are employees of the Artsakh water and sewage service.

“The three citizens are currently at the Republican Medical Center in Stepanakert. One was injured in the arm and neck, the second in the chest, and the third was injured in the neck. One of them is undergoing surgery,” she said.

An operative-investigatory and criminal procedure measures are being conducted by investigators of the National Security Service, local police groups and detectives of the Investigative Committee to determine the details of the incident.

According to Arman Tatoyan, the Human Rights Defender of Armenia, “The wounding of 3 civilians and the killing of one 22-year-old by shootings of the Azerbaijani servicemen today are irrefutable evidence that they should not be positioned near civilian communities neither in Armenia nor in Artsakh. We have repeatedly warning about this.

It is evident that the presence of Azerbaijani armed forces in the vicinity of civilian communities of Armenia and Artsakh is a violation of the right to life of people, and it disrupts the peace, security and the normal life of the residents.”

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