Russian Peacekeepers Help Deliver Water To Artsakh Schools.

Russian peacekeepers have helped deliver drinking water to 300 schoolchildren in Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh). The humanitarian campaign was implemented jointly with the Mercy Foundation, reports PanArmenian, citing the Russian Defense Ministry.

On Sunday, September 12, the servicemen of the Russian peacekeeping contingent delivered the cargo sent from Armenia by the foundation to Artsakh.

“We have loaded humanitarian property in the form of plastic tanks to ensure uninterrupted water supply to schools, orphanages in remote settlements. These tanks will be dispensed, filled and connected to the pumps,” said Ruslan Ivanov, a spokesperson for the Russian peacekeeping contingent.

A total of 14 containers for storing drinking water will be transferred to kindergartens and schools in Artsakh, including those located on the contact line.

The Russian peacekeeping contingent was deployed in Artsakh on November 10, immediately after Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, Russian and Azerbaijani Presidents Vladimir Putin and Ilham Aliyev signed a statement to end the war in Karabakh after almost 45 days. Under the deal, the Armenian side returned all the seven regions surrounding Artsakh, having lost a part of Artsakh itself in hostilities.

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