Parliament Speaker Alen Simonyan: The Results of All Elections Between 1996 & 2018 Were Falsified.

The results of all the elections held in Armenia between 1996 and 2018 were falsified, and I say this as the parliamentary speaker of Armenia, said Alen Simonyan, Speaker of the National Assembly of Armenia during today’s discussion on the report on the activities of the Central Electoral Commission, directly opposing the statements made by the chairman of the Central Electoral Commission, reports

According to Simonyan, everyone knows that the results were falsified. “All the attempts to say that the last elections held in Armenia were falsified aren’t and won’t be supported by the people since people know very well that these elections weren’t rigged,” Simonyan emphasized, adding that, nevertheless, there have been exceptions, particularly the elections held in 1999 with the participation of then Minister of Defense, “hero of Nagorno-Karabakh” Vazgen Sargsyan, as well as political party member and state figure of Soviet Armenia and the Republic of Armenia, leader of the Unity Alliance Karen Demirtchyan.

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