Azerbaijanis Steal & Refuse To Return Vehicle Of Armenian Villager In Tegh.

Azerbaijanis have stolen a vehicle belonging to an Armenian resident of Tegh village, said Nerses Shadunts, head of Tegh community, reports Pastinfo, reports Panorama.

According to him, the vehicle ran out of gas when the villager accidentally occurred in the territory occupied by Azerbaijanis and was unable to remove it. There were no signs in the mentioned area.

“The incident took place three days ago. The resident drove to Artsakh and returned by a road that passed through a valley. While returning, he had mistakenly made 100-200 meters deep into the territory controlled by Azerbaijanis, into the area of the corridor (connecting Artsakh to Armenia).

When he realized that he had occurred in the wrong area he  tried to get back, however the vehicle ran out of fuel,” said Shadunts.

The Armenian then left the car and returned to the village for fuel. When he was back he realized the car had been towed and removed from the scene by Azeris with a Kamaz truck.

In the words of the head of community, the peacekeepers and the borders troops have been notified about the incident. The command of the Russian peacekeepers has also been informed about this provocation of the Azeris, however the vehicle has not been returned yet.

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