Sotk Gold Mine’s 150 Employees Evacuated Amid A Rise In Tensions On The Armenian-Azerbaijani Border In Gegharkunik.

Azerbaijani armed forces opened fire at the Sotk gold mine in Armenia’s Gegharkunik province, targeting the 150 employees of the mine, reports Panorama & Sputnik Armenia.

No injuries were reported among the employees as they were ordered to evacuate as a result of sporadic shootings.

To note, the border passes through the territory of the mine, the employees of the mine were targeted by Azerbaijani fire as they cut their activities short and fleed the area as the situation.

GeoProMining Gold Company said on Monday that due to the border tensions the mine operations had to be suspended. No injuries are reported.

“Yes, there were tensions. We took urgent steps to suspend the operations of the mine. The company’s security officers evacuated the employees. The work has now resumed,” the company said.

The Ministry of Defense of Armenia is yet to comment on the incident.

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