Turkish Police Release The 3 Suspected Of Dancing On The Armenian Church In Istanbul, Placing 2 Under House Arrest.

Turkish police have released the three people suspected of dancing atop the walls of the St. Takavor Armenian Church In Istanbul, reports Ermenihaber.

They were released after taking giving confessions to the police, two of them were placed under house arrest.

On July 11, Turkish police detained three suspects for dancing atop the walls of the St. Takavor Armenian Church In Istanbul. The footage showed two men dancing next to a stone cross atop the large courtyard gate of Surp Takavor Armenian Church in the city’s Kadıköy district. Istanbul Governorate identified two men as Y.E.U. and Ö.F.A. and a third suspect who accompanied them and said in a statement on Monday that all three were detained in their residences while an investigation is underway.

The suspects were part of a group of revelers who allegedly protested a ban on music after midnight, which was among the COVID-19 pandemic-related restrictions imposed across the country. Further footage from the street where the church is located showed people dancing on the street, accompanied by loud music. A video shows a group stopping a tow truck passing by and climbing on it to dance.

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