United States Welcomes Azerbaijan’s Release Of 15 Armenian POWS & Armenia’s Actions To Facilitate Humanitarian Demining In Artsakh.

The United States welcomed Azerbaijan’s release of 15 Armenian “detainees” (prisoners-of-war) and Armenia’s actions to facilitate humanitarian deeming by handing over the maps of minefields of occupied Artskah’s Varanda (Fizuli) and Kovsakan (Zangelan) regions.

The U.S. Embassy in Armenia’s full statement runs as follows,

“The United States welcomes the July 3 release by Azerbaijan of 15 Armenian detainees and their return to Armenia. We also welcome Armenia’s decision to share information with Azerbaijan that will facilitate humanitarian demining.

These actions follow Azerbaijan’s June 12 release of Armenian detainees and Armenia’s decision to provide Azerbaijan information to facilitate humanitarian demining. This U.S.-supported effort, facilitated by Georgia, laid the groundwork for further cooperation between Armenia and Azerbaijan. The United States also appreciates Russia’s efforts to support regional stability.

The United States continues to call for the return of all detainees and the exchange of all data necessary to conduct effective demining of conflict regions. We stand ready to support cooperation and the resolution of outstanding issues in the region. We also continue to urge Armenia and Azerbaijan to reengage in substantive negotiations under the auspices of the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs to negotiate a comprehensive and sustainable political settlement to the conflict.”

The United States incorrectly referred to the Armenians as “detainees” in their statement when in fact they are prisoners-of-war who are being illegally detained and tried in Azerbaijan, violating the Geneva Conventions & international humanitarian law after the November 9 Trilateral agreement between Russia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan.

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