Armenia’s Ombudsman Arman Tatoyan: Azerbaijan Is Doing Everything It Can To Legalize Trials Against Armenian POWs.

Azerbaijani Authorities are doing everything they can to legalize the trials against Armenian prisoners of war, said Arman Tatoyan, the Human Rights Defender of Armenia during discussions on the prisoners of war detained in Azerbaijan, reports

“Armenia needs to be careful to not give them that opportunity,” Tatoyan added.

The Ombudsman emphasized that Armenia can’t let Azerbaijan link the issue of Armenian prisoners of war to other issues, even humanitarian issues. “The Azerbaijani authorities are turning the prisoners of war into an object for political bargaining. Azerbaijani presses are disseminating information about the ‘trials’ with special headlines. The results of monitoring show that this is leading to the emergence of a wave of hatred in Azerbaijani society,” Tatoyan stated and called on everyone to be more careful when disseminating any news or opinions about this delicate issue.

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