The Hayastan Dashinq, “I Have Honor” Bloc & Two Others Apply To The Constitutional Court To Declare Elections Results Invalid.

The Hayastan Dashinq, “I Have Honor” Bloc, the “Zartonk” National Christian Party, and the “Hayots Hayrenik” Party have applied to the Constitutional Court of Armenia to declare the results of the June 20 snap parliamentary elections invalid, informs Eva Tovmasyan, the Press Secretary of the Constitutional Court, reports Armenpress.

The application demanding the annulment of results or the organization of a second round of elections was registered with Constitutional Court on Friday, Tovmasyan added.

According to the final election results announced by the Central Electoral Commission, Nikol Pashinyan’s Civil Contract Party won 53.91% of the vote. Hayastan Dashinq came second with 21.9%, and the “I Have Honor” Bloc was third with 5.22% of the vote.

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