China Is Trying To Establish Peaceful Relations Between Armenia & Azerbaijan Through Negotiation -Ambassador.

Chinese Ambassador to Armenia Fan Yong has commented on the question relating to the illegal presence of Azerbaijani armed forces in Armenia’s sovereign territory, reports Armenpress.

Yong told reporters that this issue is important for them because they have friendly relations with both Armenia and Azerbaijan. “The Foreign Ministry of China has already commented on the issue of the presence of Azerbaijani servicemen in Armenia’s territory. I want to state once again that we are trying to establish peaceful relations between the two countries through negotiation process,” he said. 

Chinese Ambassador to Armenia Fan Yong assured that they are also concerned about the Armenian captives who are being illegally held in Azerbaijan, per Armenpress.

“We follow the media reports. We can do everything what depends on us to solve the problem. But this problem emerged between the two countries, and we look forward to the return of captives,” he told reporters in Yerevan. The Chinese Ambassador noted that one of their main activity goals is to prevent such incidents. He expressed hope that there will be no cases of capture anymore.  

Yong added that the Chinese government is discussing closer cooperation steps with Armenia, Ambassador of China to Armenia Fan Yong told reporters in Yerevan, per Armenpress.

“We work on attracting Chinese investors to Armenia. At the moment we are discussing the cooperation in different directions, work on increasing the tourism flow from China to Armenia. We hope that the Armenian business would activate in the Chinese market. Chinese people like Armenian-made goods a lot, including the alcoholic drinks. Our country likes the Armenian brandy and wine a lot, as well as we are interested in the copper and much more produced here”, the foreign diplomat said.

He stated that many initiatives between Armenia and China were not implemented because of the coronavirus pandemic and the recent war in Artsakh.

Fan Yong informed that next year Armenia and China will mark the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the diplomatic relations, adding that at that period the two countries will assist and help one another.

“Armenia and China have established friendly relations, there is a high level of cooperation. At the beginning of the establishment of the diplomatic ties the trade turnover has been 200,000 dollars, but last year it approached 1 billion dollars. For us, the purpose of the cooperation with a friendly country is to contribute to raising and developing the living standards of that country’s population. We are ready to share our development experience with Armenia”, he said.

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